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School Bus Safety Network


This is a project in the works by a group of students from Wethersfield High Schools Skills 21 Coders group of 2018-2019. Our goal is simple, we want to assure that students are able to get to school safely. How is this achievable? That is we aim to solve.



Where did the idea come from?

Through out the U.S. school transportation has been a bit of a hassle. These bus companies want to make sure kids are able to get to school safely and without issue. In some cases children have even been abducted at bus stops. Our solution is that when a student steps onto the bus they will scan their ID, and a message will be sent to their parent or guardian letting them know that their child is on the bus and ready for school. In the event of a child not getting to the bus for whatever reason a message will be sent to their parent or guardian letting them know that their child was not there. We want this project to allow adults to know how the current status of their child.


Contact Info

Got any questions? Send us an email and check us out on our official Instagram page!

School Bus & Children


Website Design

John/Jack O'Leary is a sophomore at Wethersfield High School. He is the lead web designer for the SBSN, and is very excited to be involved in Skills 21. This is also Johns first year involved in Skills 21, and finds lots of pride in his work. John is also involved in the Wethersfield High School Marching Band, as well as the theater productions at Wethersfield High School.

Computer Scientist

Nikolas Kallicharan is a junior at Wethersfield High School. He is SBSN's primary computer scientist. His previous accomplishments include an award from New England's largest hackathon for teens-MetroHacks. He is also a member and holds a leadership position in the Wethersfield High School Marching Band, as well as several other clubs at Wethersfield High School.

Computational/Data Analysis

Alex Ginter is an outstanding student, who associates him with many aspects of his school. He takes many leadership roles in the community and among his peers, and is a well rounded individual. One activity that he devotes a lot of time into is the Marching Band. Alex started performing in the High School marching band when he was in 8th grade, a rare sight, and has spent 3 years in the marching band. When he was a sophomore, he was assistant trumpet section leader, and this upcoming year he will be a full section leader. This year, in early 2019, Alex was one of 3 WHS students to be accepted into and attend the CMEA All-State festival as a band member. Alex also has a strong presence in the drama and theater department at WHS, he has performed in 3 high school shows overall, 2 musicals and a play, this fall taking a leading role in the musical Mary Poppins, playing the role of Mr. Banks. Alex is also Vice President of his class, working with 3 other class officers to organize assemblies and fundraisers, among other things. Alex is not just associated with the arts though, he has also played junior varsity volleyball every one of his high school years so far.


Dan Scheuermann


Daniel Scheuermann is a sophomore at Wethersfield High School. He works on the design and presentation of the School Bus Safety Network. He is deeply rooted into the school's computer science community and is always excited to learn or try new activities!

Max Bongiovani

Social Media/Survey

Max Bongiovani is a junior at Wethersfield High School and prides himself as the new flute section leader of the WHS marching band. His role in the group is to send out a mass survey to the school about their buses and gather information about the security of students at bus stops if they take a bus. He also helps with the Instagram page for SBSN.

Mike Vallera

Social Media/Marketing

Mike Vallera is a junior at Wethersfield High School, and is a part of the SBSN Skills 21group, along with being in the coders clubs for Wethersfield High School. Mike is the head of our social media page on Instagram, but is also a helping hand to the coding of the SBSN app.


SBSN Journal Logs

01 / 10 / 2019

Met with Mr. Robinson and Mr. Fulton

Broke down the app, talked about the 3 parts (parent app, server, device)

Determined main focus is device. Extra time = server and app

Bus Drivers

How would they feel about a device in the cab? Where would they want it? Create survey for bus drivers to take

Interview the bus driver who was the bus driver for the kid that got mugged

Perhaps interview the parent of the kid

Peer Programming - work in pairs and get real time feedback

Determined that we split the app into 3 projects, using peer programming as a methodology, then splicing the pieces together at the end

Each week, we will compare new additions to our part, and will decide as group whether that is the right direction or not

Determined definite roles (based off rubric)

  • Alex - computational / data analysis

  • Max - research

  • Mike - social media / marketing

  • Jack - additional support

  • Nik - presentation / journal / universal

  • Dan - Website,

Mentors - what makes a mentor?

Possible options - powerschool admin, district admin, police dept.,

Surveys / what data can we collect?

Survey for bus driver (mentioned above)

Survey for SDMS and WHS advisory

Goals for next week and for meeting with Mr. Robinson (02 / 08 / 2019 ish)

Have instagram up and running with posts

Create website with Wix.com

This journal

Begin storyboarding with pseudocode

***Update the Launchpad for the  02 / 08 / 2019 deadline

First draft created on 1/15/19 by Nik

Edited by mike on 1/18/19

Draft email to be sent to the bus company concerning the bus driver survey

(mike) 1st draft of email created on 1/11/19

(alex) draft created on 1/12/19

(mike) 2nd draft created on 1/14/19

(dan) draft created on 1/14/19

Drafts sent to Kess

01 / 17 / 2019

Email drafts done

Need pictures to put on instagram

Need to create website

Need to make company name

01 / 24 / 2019


Goal: Talk about databases, how to manage data, etc.


Powerschool uses API, specialized languages

Main format - tables

Table for students, buses,

Keys link tables together

Barcode = id = fquery id in database

Best bet = javascript

ID = primary key

  1. Students

    1. ID, name bus number, bus stop (coordinates), parent, phone, email

  2. Bus

    1. Bus number, stop, location (coordinates)

  3. Logs

Each table needs 1 unique identification

Keys are our ¨indexes¨

Output complex info into csv text, parse what we need

Scan -> database -> csv -> parse to parent

Select name from students

Where ID = #

Select S.Name, B.Location

From Students S

Join Bus B on B.# = S.Bus#

Where S.ID = student ID

And B.stop  = S.stop

SQL and App INventor - how to connect it?


Does Access work through google drive?

Use SQL in AppInventor to acess MySQL database?

Logo / artsy things

Discuss with Joe Cass about logo designs, company names, etc.

Begin marketing plan

Other / Job resets

Dan’s job now - interactives  concerning presentation

Proof of concept - website that displays info (parse correct info)

Nik - Journal . sql

Alex -

Jack - website

Bus eta to your stop?? (based on stop number)

(jack) started creating website on 1/24/19

02 / 07 / 2019

Fixed problems with website - linked it to launchpad

Took more pictures for instagram

Checked over launchpad - made sure it met criteria

Created the student survey - need to work on it / perfect it

Look more into mySQL and figure out how to get it to work

02 / 21 / 2019

New insta username

More SQL App Inventor compatibility research, begin SQL testing

04 / 04 / 2019

Skills and Mentor update

Divide code

Prep surveys

News Articles



News Clip


Databases (parallel lists)

Notification out?

Store lists in DB, one for each tag


New negative conditions (time on bus, expelled student, unregistered student) and notification to administrator.

Barcode id things

Project reel

Fix website

Presentation design / practice


App is functionally complete; just make the UI look pleasing

Project reel


Social media presence

Booth planning


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